Press release March 5, 2018

How Content Marketing improves user – company relationship

Among the advantages of content marketing is a remarkable improvement in the relationship between user and company


Content is the king. This is one of the most used sentences in the most influential marketing circles. In fact, advantages of Content Marketing prove this core idea with a double function: on one hand, creating relevant and quality content in order to attract a specific public to get them as customers; on the other hand, improving customer loyalty to foster the continuous shopping of our products or amenities.

This way, our strategy will be far away from traditional direct marketing techniques such as TV or radio commercials. Here, the goal is not interrupting, but providing great value and content for free.

We shouldn’t write selling articles or informational leaflets to promote our products or amenities. It’s completely proven users reject companies that try to sell them from the very first moment.

People look for satisfying their needs or solving their problems, and companies are getting more and more aware of the importance of a strategy to strengthen trust, credibility and authority.


4 advantages of Content Marketing


There are several reasons to develop this online marketing discipline. If a company creates successful digital publications, useful and customized content, there will be an improvement in his brand image, reputation and awareness. It allows to reach more people, so the public variety increases.

This is the best technic to promote products or amenities of a company and the most effective way to get leads. Additionally, its cost is low, and its profitability is high. There are four main Content Marketing advantages:

  • Trust

People trust companies that usually publish content because it adds value to what they do. Potential customers like free amenities. The users – company relationship gets closer because direct and close relations are created in a natural and open way.

  • Sales

The chances to transform visits in customers considerably increase. Additionally, when we present our products or services in an attractive way, resistance in the purchasing funnel is lower.

  • Reliability

A content plan determines a long-term guide to achieve specific goals. This organization system guarantees the company taking the right steps.

  • Position

Coming back to the beginning: content is the king. Therefore, without content we can’t take leverage positioning and SEO strategies through organic traffic.


Different kinds of content


If you want your strategy to properly work, don’t develop your activity in just one format. In fact, if we use different formats we will deal with expectations of a bigger audience: pictures, infographies, videos, posts, e-books, apps, webinars…

Each format has different advantages. This way, the goal is taking the maximum advantage of every format. An interesting and recommendable option is creating a digital magazine.

Iy fou have a tool to create digital publications it will be an easy job. In this case, you can get a great result with no need of programming. It means low costs, great adjustment to formats consumed by users and spread ease.

However, we should always have in mind compatibility and optimization with different devices and operating systems. We should choose a designing plugin that allows us to make our ideas real.


Channels to spread content


Content can be promoted through a wide range of channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, blog, and so on. It’s totally advisable to explore new channels to discover innovative platforms that are effective to get traffic and leads.

A common factor in every content plan is to develop an editorial calendar to know in advance pending tasks we should do. This way, we will understand better our customers’ behaviour and we will know how to meet their needs. Therefore, we should create content in order to provide value and foster entertainment and learning.

Taking all this into account, advantages of Content Marketing make it a great opportunity for every company. Now we should find the resources and tools to reach the planned goals.


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