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Animate the movement of an
object through the screen

Animation with scroll

Animate an object when
the user starts scrolling.


Audio is used to embed audio
files into your publication.
You can add play, pause and
stop buttons.


It is used to include elements into
your publication that are outside,
so they are only visible when you
are forcing the end of the scroll.


The flip function allows the user
to rotate an object showing a
different content on its other side.


The Hotspot function allows the
user to display or hide any object
by pressing an area defined as a button.

In Web

You can embed a web frame that
loads HTML5 + Css3 + Javascript
content. The content can be loaded
from an external URL or an internal
web document.


Create a clickable link to either a
website or to any page inside the
issue in the same or different article.


Create and embed a map frame
with a pin pointing to a specific
coordinate on it.


Create a sequence of images that
play one after the other, with no
scrolling transition. On swipe, the
image is replaced with the next one.
It can also be played automatically!


Create a sequence of images that
are played one after the other
with a scrolling transition.


The video feature lets you add a
video file to your magazine and
edit it’s playback and controls.


The zoom feature allows you
to place a high resolution image
into a content so that the user
can expand for further details.