Press release January 18, 2018

The best planning when creating attractive digital publications

Make more easy and effective create digital publications


Digital publications are here to stay. If we compare them with traditional methods, we only find advantages: lower costs, better adaptation to the new user profile and easier spreading.

When creating digital publications, not all plans are correct. It is a process with great impact in the success of the final product. Therefore, it requires special attention.

Creation of digital magazines, blogs or digital apps have become the perfect tool for businesses to reach their potential customers. At the same time, these customers can use it to create interest groups or to communicate with people around. Though traditional publications won’t completely disappear, true is that they will lose part of their importance.

If you want to create a surprising digital publication but you don’t know how to start, take a look to these steps to develop a good planning and achieve your goal.


Create digital publications successfully


Design your idea


There are more types of publications besides digital magazines: interactive catalogs, brochures, corporate statements, training for employees… don’t follow the multitude. Just develop your project idea being aware of all the opportunities you have and keeping in mind the success possibilities of digital content.

Determine your target


When we start to create a digital publication, we need to fix short-term goals and reach them. Slowly but continuously. First of all, we have to think about our target, because this people is who will consume and interact with our publication. Knowing the profile of people who will receive our project is really helpful to design an attractive publication in order to meet their requirements. Don’t create a unidirectional talk; suggest new ideas and concepts, make your target part of this conversation.


Choose the best platform


E-books, blogs, apps, magazines… they are not the same at all. We should work with a platform that makes possible getting the best results and the best content management. A tool for digital publications we can use with no programming knowledge could be a suitable decision. We should also be aware of the different devices that will be used to consume our publication -Android, iOS or browsers. This way, we can develop an attractive design for every case.


Feedback and first impressions


It is not part of the planning phase in a strict way, but is completely necessary. Once our project is on the track or even finished, we need to know users experience. Feedback will be essential to take the right steps when making decisions or changes in order to get better results. Users impression about our product is even more important when we try to monetize our digital content. These times, we take the risk of being invasive.

These are the four phases you should embrace to create an attractive digital publication. It is really important to stay faithful to yourself and to the brand that represents our project. But don’t forget that users are the ones who tip the balance. They decide if they want to consume your content or not.


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