Press release October 23, 2017

How to know if our publication of digital content is successful

The slow process of changing and adapting to new formats is usually one of the main concerns of companies and it impedes innovation. Changing from offline content to the digital one was not an easy job – in fact, there are still many companies reticent to this change.

Nevertheless, there is an urgent need of digitalizing business and adapting to this new transformation before it’s too late.

One option when we are adapting to this direction change is the creation of publications with digital content, especially for companies with their own magazine or small publishers.


With no doubt, creating a new digital publication means big advantages – the most obvious of them is reduction of costs related to impression and distribution. But just getting into the digital world is not synonym of success. We will need to analyze some features to understand if our publication is successful or not. We are working with a different format now, so our results will be different too.


Understanding our target


Many companies bet on digital transformation as differentiation strategy. However, our attention has to be focused in our customers’ profile and how they interact with the new digital platforms.

A young reader will expect constant interaction, dynamic contents and even games; while another reader with less experience in this environment will need pages with more basic and interactive elements easy to understand to learn, little by little, this new form of communication.


Thinking about how they like to get informed and entertained is essential.


Keeping a coherent visual identity


If we are constantly changing our publishing style, we don’t give the reader – and potential readers – time enough to understand our visual language.

Color choice, typography, pictures’ treatment and other visual content is essential. The different animations or navigation possibilities depending on the section we are reading are also important.

Taking this into account, design rules will be a great help. Keep an own style – you can always progressively improve specific details.


Adapt digital content


Copying the content of a press publication to a digital one is not enough. By changing the format of our publications, our customers will consume our content in a totally different way.

Take advantage of all the opportunities given by technology to make your magazines come alive, with interesting effects and animations that provided added value to your content.


Promoting your publication of digital content 


Where do you display your publication in order to be seen by users?

Sometimes, we are so focused in designing a project that we forget the importance of a communication strategy to share our content with the world.

A single banner in your website is not enough. Share it in your Social Media, look for collaborators or blogs that could talk write you, show it in different selling points… Investing time in your communication plan will have a positive effect in the number of readers and subscribers of our digital magazine.


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