Press release February 16, 2018

Information or entertainment? Develop a digital magazine according to your goals

tips to develop a digital magazine according to your goals


Creating a digital magazine is a process that requires a good planning. It is important to follow some steps to guarantee the best publication structure in order to organize the content we want to transmit to our audience.

Nowadays, this kind of content is a popular and practical option when presenting an own quality publication. If we compare them with traditional formats, the advantages of digital publications are clearly noticeable. A digital magazine doesn’t mean a high cost; additionally, thanks to its great flexibility it can be easily adapted to almost every channel used by our audience; and best of all, it can be easily and quickly spread.

In the next paragraphs we present some key factors you should take into account when elaborating this kind of online publications. Are you ready to thrill the Internet with your magazine?

10 factors to take into account when develop a digital magazine


  1. Appearance


Logotype can be a differentiating element. It should be attractive, striking and coherent and consistent with the rest of contents. You should also give importance to other aspects such as: titles, topics, length, formats, pictures or columns.


  1. Format


When we talk about “digital magazines” or “online publications” we don’t mean just moving our “traditional” publication to a screen format. We should (and this is the objective of this kind of publications) take advantage of all the resources and possibilities offered by the digital world.

This way, we should avoid PDF format with simple texts and unanimated pictures: if we want to excite audiences with our publication, we should make use of all the possibilities and devices. So, use animations, videos, audios… explore and develop!


  1. Platform


You can manage contents from different platforms according to your knowledge and requirements. This way, a digital publication tool to guarantee an excellent result with no need of programming knowledge is a huge advantage. Another important advantage is the capacity of adapting to different devices.


  1. Themes


What topics are you interested on? A digital magazine should be coherent along its different editions about topics, formats and design.

  1. Categories


The possibility of easily finding the navigation menu is a great advantage. Readers want to find quickly different sections divided according to categories.


  1. Periodicity


Weekly, biweekly or quarterly. We should decide periodicity taking into consideration our available resources and the ease to get new content for each edition. Remember that users are active and they wish updated information.


  1. Content


Content is the keystone of a digital magazine. Information should be verified, attractive and with a high level of quality. It is important to note that we have to satisfy readers, but we should also position content in search engines.


  1. Graphic material


Photos, illustrations, computer graphics and videos are important supporting elements. But this doesn’t mean we have to saturate users with graphic content. Use of this kind of content should be moderate. Otherwise, it could cause a counter-productive effect in users.


  1. Subscription


What can we do to make users consume our publication? To achieve this goal, developing a strategy is a key step. There are different kinds of strategies: some of them are more creative and other ones are more invasive. You will have to decide which one suits better your project and your objectives.


  1. Quality


Every edition of your magazine should reach the levels of quality previously stipulated. Before publishing, you should check every element is properly displayed according to its appearance, style and dimension.

A good initial planning is a key factor to develop a successful digital magazine. Resources and tools to develop a digital publication are easily accessible, but not all of them are valid. Keep a clean and professional brand image following each step and counting with the best plugin to design, provide interactivity and make your magazines come alive.


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