Press release December 12, 2017

Keys of digital magazines publishing: what should they provide?

Digital magazines publishing, how should they be carried out?

Fitting the new users demands is not an easy work at all. Neither is knowing what content we should provide.

We change formats to bring ourselves up to date and be able to interact with new users in the digital world. We invest money and time in designing and publishing digital magazines or interactive digital apps; and we create content according to our company philosophy in order to get a consistent digital speech.

However, we still don’t know if our digital app is meeting the needs of our target and if they are happy with it. Today, we will explain four keys that will help you to understand what a digital magazine should provide. 


  1. Good user experience, instead of reader experience.


Despite the publishing world still talks about readers, we should know that this terminology is only applicable to printed publications. In this case, we have a control over the number of readers, editions, copies, regularity…

Nevertheless, this new digitalized context implies a change in the reader role and the way he interacts with our publications. Readers, who just consumed our printed content, become now in users that actively take part and decide what they want to consume and how they want to do it.

Their opinion also has more value, so we should ask for feedback and listen to them in order to improve the content we offer.

To get a good user experience is one of the main issues to guarantee the success of an interactive digital app.


  1. Frequently updated content


Our publications’ content can’t get old. New become old in just a few hours, especially in the digital era; immediacy is constantly present in our day-to day.

Therefore, we should provide fresh, new and interesting content to make the user feel constantly informed by us.

Another tip – used just occasionally though – to make our publications much more visible to users is updating animations, graphics or designs from our digital magazine or interactive app.


  1. Access to free content


Free versions with option to paid content are one of the most used and efficient strategies to monetize digital content.

Restricting the access to our interactive app to a potential public could mean rejection and a high bounce rate when users interact with our app and discover needed payments.

When we offer free, interesting content; users may consider our publication as a r referent. This way, they could accept some payments in the future.


  1. Digital magazines publishing easy and quick


As we explained in the second point, digital world evolves at a vertiginous pace and changes constantly.

When we talk about ease and speed, we talk about topics such as content uploading, the kind of interaction between technology and users or the level of difficulty while navigating.

Don’t make your public wait! Give them what they expect and provide the best user experience in your app.


Taking into consideration these four keys, we will provide better digital publications. Remember, content is the king and users have the power; but don’t forget your brand essence.


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