Press release May 14, 2018

Trends in design and creation of magazines and digital publications

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With no doubt, creation of digital publications is a rising trend. However, traditional magazines are still important in Spain. It is common from time to time the appearance of new publications that, in their majority, transform and adapt to the new times.

The new tendencies regarding graphic design of magazines have a remarkable importance when establishing the basic guidelines to configure new publications. We could say, then, that design and creation of magazines should be always together in order to get successful publications.

Among all this wide range of changes and innovations, valuable resources and tools for users have emerged. Those tools make creation of digital publications available to everyone. This is the case of designing plugins, which do not require advanced knowledge, but they provide an unbeatable result. In fact, they offer different options in order to let publications to come to life.

It is important to note the publishing sector, which has changed, is changing and will keep changing. In the next few years, this sector will not remain unmoved against the great diversity of changes that are taking place in the way users consume publications. Both thematic magazines – those of history, society, technology or youth – and business journals are adopting new trends that we can’t ignore.


10 trends in creation of digital publications


  1. The importance of colour


Colour has an especial role in the new magazines: all the sections shine with brighter colours and with greater clarity in the photographs.


  1. Decrease of text volume


One of the largest trends is the presence of more visual content, which also means the less text.

Pictures are more and more important, and text is losing space in the pages.


  1. Accurate information


It is a trend strongly related to the previous one. Since texts are shorter, they must be more precise regarding the information that they want to provide. Pages with long texts are history.


  1. Computer graphics


Graphic design has allowed the incorporation of certain trends in magazines, such as infographics. They are very useful to explain or visualize some facts or statistics while also presenting data, assessments or opinions.


  1. Illustrations


Computer graphics are not the only newness: illustrations provide an artistic touch to publications. Nowadays, they are a recurrent resource.


  1. Less use of Photoshop


Naturalness, spontaneity and presenting reality without filters are objectives pursued by current publications. Photoshop and photo retouching are enemies of this, so its use is decreasing; even more so when we are retouching pictures of people.


  1. Variety of typographies


Using different typographies and colours to separate sections or topics in the same page is a good option. It eases readability and it makes it more dynamic.


  1. Minimalistic front pages


Simpler front pages are replacing old elaborated ones: big photos with few texts are the trendiest right now.


  1. Multilanguage


Publishing the same article in double-page in two different languages is also a newness, especially in sectorial magazines. Additionally, it is a good saving measure.


  1. Self-promotion


In recent years, magazines have also been conceived as a promotional channel to visualize the services or the different portals of the company: the web, social networks, the blog … If the own company doesn’t do it, who will?

If we are developing a digital publication, we should establish the goals of a digital magazine. Do we want to inform or to entertain? Each decision we take should have a justification that responds to the requirements of our publication. Every detail counts!


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