Press release April 19, 2018

Combining different formats of digital content in a Marketing strategy


While preparing a content marketing strategy, we should have in mind all content formats available in order to choose the ones that provide best results to our company and audience.

At first, it is important to note that the same as every planning for digital publications, we should set a goal. According to Inbound Marketing methodology, we should identify leads’ (people who form our database because they previously provided us their contact information) location within the purchase funnel, which is the process followed by users that become our customers.

This is the moment when the company has the chance to educate users about the specific issue, help them by providing solutions or explaining how our company can solve it. After that, the company choose among the different formats to successfully transmit our message.

Marketing strategies favour user-company relationship when they include relevant and valuable formats of digital content that attract our target. Discover on the following paragraphs the most used formats.


6 formats of digital content


  1. Text


The great advantage of text is adaptability. Indeed, a blog can address any topic. time is also an important pro: designing or computer graphics or editing videos usually mean hours of work. When we use this format, it is really important to use also SEO tools and keywords that users employ when they search for our content. Our text should contain titles, subtitles, images and meta descriptions thoroughly planned. This way, we avoid our content to be lost in the huge Internet and we make it visible for our target. We find different formats of text content such as categories, lists, opinion articles, interviews or expert texts.


  1. eBooks


Guides, studies and investigations our leads are interested in are prototypes of eBooks with great value. They are longer than any blog post, but they also require larger effort. The main advantage of this format is the feeling of possession, because users are able to download it in PDF and save it in their devices to consult it in the future. Templates are other downloadable content that users like because they ease their tasks: we can mould them with a good designing plugin. They also can be used as bargaining chip: we can request users to fill a form before downloading our content. This way, we can gather valuable information.


  1. Computer Graphics


Computer graphics are one of the best formats for content strategies: they create a great visual attraction and they are easy to consume and share. In many occasions, they are the perfect option to explain something or educate about a specific topic. We should also remember the great impact of a good photo gallery, no matter the theme. Visual resources are a wonderful ally to increase our contents’ reach.


  1. Webinars


Users that already know about our contents need a special attention too. Webinars are the ideal format for those faithful contacts. They also provide great value thanks to its utility. Thus, this content gives us the role of experts in different subjects and allows us to collaborate with other experts in a digital event.


  1. Video


Audiovisual content is the most viral format on the Internet. During last few years, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat notably increased its videos’ adaptation and visibility; and of course, Youtube too. This format can be missed in any marketing strategy. Most popular categories are tutorials or videoblogs: their goals are usually teaching viewers to do something by following several steps; interviewing someone; expressing opinions or transmitting news about interesting topics.


  1. Podcast


Many users prefer audio or podcast contents, the same way there are people that prefer radio to TV to consume news. This may be the simplest format to develop and manage because it doesn’t need modern equipment nor sophisticated edition tools.

No matter the objective of the marketing strategy: educating, entertaining, informing, illustrating or explaining something. A tool for digital publications will be essential to find and design the format that better meets our corporative goals.


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