Press release May 31, 2018

Editorial marketing best practices to advertise our digital magazine

Editorial marketing best practices to advertise our digital magazine


In the digital publishing sector, creating a digital magazine is not enough. No matter how good our product is, we have to advertise it to guarantee it reaches as many people as possible. This way, editorial marketing is a great ally: it helps us to easily spread our publications.

In order to properly promote our digital publications, we have to develop a thorough marketing strategy and follow it step by step. Those actions bring us closer to the achievement of our objectives. Do not underestimate the advantages we could obtain by following these tips… Are you ready to create successful digital publications?


The 6 editorial marketing techniques for digital magazines


  1. A plugin to design


This is essential: a quality product is always easier to promote. This is why we should guarantee our digital magazine is attractive for users. We don’t need to have advanced knowledges of any kind to develop a product that satisfies user’s needs. A plugin to design is a great tool to get a fantastic product avoiding complex software.


  1. Auto publication


A big editorial or a huge company are not compulsory requisites to reach success. Nowadays, all we need to get the best results is within our reach. Social Media, email or our website are essential tools to successfully spread our magazine.


  1. Quid pro quo


We should internalize this Latin principle: if we want to receive something, we must give something. While an acquisition process, we must provide something to users so that after they buy us. We can promote some gift product together with our magazine -may be through a sponsor-, we can create offers regarding subscriptions, or offering free content… There is a wide range of ways to gain users for our magazine. Nevertheless, before taking this step, we must consider what we can offer them in return.


  1. The mirror of success


We can get some inspiration from other successful digital publications. In no case to copy what they do but to inspire ourselves and get ideas of trends in digital publications that are currently working in order to apply them to our product with our personal improvements.


  1. Creativity


La originalidad y la creatividad es algo que los usuarios valoran positivamente, e incluso sin darse cuenta. Las imágenes, los textos o los vídeos que hacemos y compartimos deben estar alineados con nuestra revista digital y deben suscitar atracción en los consumidores.


  1. Valued content


The topics and the specialization field of our magazine are really important. If the content of our magazines doesn’t provide valued or interesting content to a big number of persons, promoting it will be a waste of time and money. The topics that better work are the current tones, or those that require a specific degree of specialization, which transmit liveliness and freshness.

Do not forget to consolidate the brand of your digital magazine. Your corporate image is built through each publication, each communicative act and each corporative decision.

These best practices regarding editorial marketing for digital magazines will guide us to properly promote our product using the best tools and techniques to get readers’ attention. A digital magazine is a great resource, but a digital magazine implemented with editorial marketing techniques is even better.


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