Press release June 25, 2018

Responsive design: the “must” requirement your digital publication needs

digital responsive publication


Responsive web design is a web design technique that allows the correct visualization of a page in different devices: computers, tablets and smartphones. This optimization of the website contributes greatly to a good user experience regardless of the used device.

Nowadays, there are many options to access to content. According to whether we are at home or outdoors, or depending on the used device, we can use either a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone interchangeably. For this reason, it is completely essential that a website is attractive in all possible channels.

While creating a digital publication, the goal should always be the same. Which is the purpose of creating great content if it is not optimized for all devices afterwards? It would be a big mistake not to do it, because we would be hindering the success of our product.

A plugin for designing is the perfect tool to get around this problem, as long as it allows creating publications for iOS, Android and web. It is also convenient that we don’t need programming knowledge nor advanced knowledge to use it. This working context is the best to design, add interactivity and make our responsive digital publication come to live in a simple way.

Responsive design has four basic characteristics: the layouts and images are adapted to each screen; reducing the development time; avoiding duplicate content; increasing virality because content can be quickly and naturally shared.

Next, we explain the advantages of this type of design to prove that it is an essential technique to implement in any responsive website or digital responsive publication.


3 advantages of a digital responsive publication


  1. Visits


A publication adapted to all devices favours the increase of visits. Otherwise, a negative user experience does not invite to continue consuming certain content.


  1. Profits


This is a cyclic process. If the user experience is good, there will be more visits, which in turn will mean that the product will have more options to generate profits through subscriptions or advertising, depending on the business model we are looking for.


  1. Time and Costs


There is no point in worrying about adapting a digital publication individually in each of the different devices. We can not focus efforts, time and money to actions with unknown outcome; nor creating versions of the same content. The appropriate action is choosing the proper tool for digital responsive publications and forgetting the problem of how it will be displayed on each device.

With no doubt, responsive design is an issue that digital publications should not ignore. We don’t know in advance the device with which users will consume our publication, but we can offer an attractive design for all the available options they use.


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