Press release December 19, 2018

Promote your digital publications from social networks

Promote your digital publications from social networks


Social networks are part of our day-to-day: from the moment we get up until the moment we go to bed. Either on our smartphones, computers or tablets. We are connected 24 hours a day and we consume content in our social profiles all day. We have here a communication vehicle that a digital project cannot waste: social networks are a great opportunity not only to make us known, but also to gain the loyalty of our readers.

Creating a digital magazine is a challenge. An idea of publication and a plugin for layout are enough to start the project: displaying contents with a tool adapted exactly to what we need is a way to reach our readers the way we want.

However, creating content is not the end of the process. Promoting digital publications through the different channels we have at our disposal is what guarantees us to reach all the prospects that could become customers. Therefore, it is not enough to create a digital magazine, the success lies in going further, in making a good communication plan.

This way, there are many channels or actions that can help us. For example: a website, forums, emailing actions or social networks. It is true that in the latter case we have a wide repertoire of social channels. However, we can use the particularities of each of them in benefit of our digital publication. Below, we detail the most interesting social networks, their evolution and singularities.


Promoting digital publications: social networks as our allies


  1. Facebook

Facebook is still the king of social networks. It has been the most used social network in 2018 and it probably will continue this reign the next year. The statistics are clear as water: 1 in 4 people connect to Facebook every month. A good Social Media strategy ensures that we reach the profile we are interested in within this great global community.


  1. Twitter


Although it is not living its best times, no one can argue that Twitter is still a valuable platform for promoting digital publications. The changes adopted this year were planned to reverse this negative trend: for example, the character limit increased from 140 to 280, and they presented a new resource: Twitter threads.


  1. LinkedIn


The growth of LinkedIn during 2018 consolidates this social network as one of the most used (only behind Facebook, YouTube and Instagram). This social platform is the one that has changed the most in the last year: image, navigation, usability, functions… Although our consumer profile may not be in LinkedIn, this social network may be perfect to find collaborators, sponsors and investors.


  1. Instagram


This is the social network with the greatest growth. It has more than 1,000 million active monthly users; a figure that has doubled in two years. And now, with Instagram Shopping, companies have an important business opportunity. Unlike other networks, we can’t include links in Instagram (only in the biography and stories in accounts with more than 10,000 followers), but the social network owned by Facebook can help us to strengthen our brand image and impact more people with our most creative content.


  1. Youtube


The Youtuber phenomenon is more alive than ever. Whether it’s a bubble or not, the platform accumulates millions of reproductions. While for younger users Youtube has become their new TV (and even their new Google), many companies try to create attractive content in order to facilitate the consumption of their product.

These are the most powerful and used social networks, but we shouldn’t forget others like Pinterest and WhatsApp. As far as Google+ is concerned, don’t work too hard: next summer it will close after several user privacy issues. Additionally, they have not met the expectations that were predicted when it emerged.

Finally, it is important to note that these social networks allow advertising campaigns that have been the basis for the success of countless companies. If you want to invest in advertising or marketing, these are good places to get great results.


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