Press release October 22, 2018

How to improve readers loyalty to your digital magazine?

Editorial marketing for digital magazines: gaining loyalty


The success of a digital magazine is much more than selling magazines. Industry experts point out that a quality publication is as necessary as the will of creating a community, generating a unique experience and offering content that transcends the pages of the magazine.

Innovation has a superlative importance for this task. First, the design of the publication should captivate, excite and attract the attention of readers. A plugin for designing is a helpful tool to achieve it. This tool doesn’t imply computer skills and allows us to achieve a great result without added difficulty.

The strategies followed in editorial marketing for digital magazines can be a great guide to obtain the results we expect, especially to build the loyalty of the readers of our publication. More important than capturing new users is to keep those we already have. But how can we retain the people who read us? How do we get them to read us again?


Editorial marketing for digital magazines: gaining loyalty


  1. Email Marketing


Email marketing is a very effective tool to inform about promotions, discounts or offers. Here we are talking about sending automated emails in order to retain customers, not the mass mailing of unfiltered emails in our database, generating more spam than anything else. The main objective then is to inform subscribers. It is a low-cost tool that is also easy to implement, which allows you to measure results and save time by automating certain tasks.


  1. Branding


Creating branding content is always fundamental for a brand. It is a technique that together with advertising to convey the values, idiosyncrasies and thoughts of our digital magazine. It is important to think carefully about the message we want to give, place the product on the central axis and not use aggressive sales techniques. Proximity and originality are resources that help decisively.


  1. Customer service


We must be able to quickly and effectively respond to the doubts or incidents that users ask us through the different channels we have. This way, creating social profiles and being active is essential. The attention has to be tailored: only by paying careful attention to the user we will be able to meet his expectations. There is no better publicity than a satisfied customer.


  1. Exclusive offers for readers


Users who have consumed our digital publication should feel important. They should also feel that their interests and requests are taken into account. And how do we know what they want? Pay attention to what they tell us in social networks, to the surveys and to the answers to our questions. Promotions, access to exclusive content or certain gifts can be a great idea.


  1. Satisfactory user experience


Let’s not make it difficult for readers to consume a digital publication. For example, adapting digital publications to mobile format is essential. The present and the future are in mobile devices: a digital magazine that doesn’t optimize its content for the mobile format seems a bit absurd considering the rates of use in mobile or electronic tablets.

We shouldn’t forget that keeping the readers we already have will always be easier and cheaper than getting new ones. A loyal customer is a person who won’t buy to the competition and who will be the best ambassador of our product. What more do you need to start to build loyalty among your readers?



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