Press release July 12, 2018

Interactive design: convincing users through interactivity

Examples of interactive design


An interactive publication is a concept that differs greatly from the magazines that can be found in any kiosk. Design of interactive magazines is an essential element of content marketing. This type of publication informs, educates, entertains and inspires, which are common objectives of an efficient content strategy.

When we are facing the creation of an interactive publication, it is important to rank the information we want to provide. Only then we are able to assess the interactivity we want to introduce in each section and the meaning we will give in each specific case.

The advantages of interactivity are so multiple, so we should include them in any publication we seek to be successful. Content layout, attractive colours, clickable images, videos or infographics seduce users; links or pop-up menus allow them to expand information in a simple way, in addition to sharing on social networks, send emails, fill out forms, download files, visit other websites or make comments.

It is also an easy way to generate engagement, that is, to create a stable relationship with users, adding value to what we offer. Additionally, we provide them especial treatment so that it can be returned to us in form of visits, positive comments and purchases.

The inclusion of interactivity improves user experience, so it is advisable to design our project having always in mind this principle. A plugin to design that allows to add interactivity is an essential tool to obtain everything that our publication must contain, so that our magazine comes to life. Additionally, if programming knowledge is not required, this solution is the guarantee to achieve an excellent result with the minimum effort.

Advantages and examples of interactive design


  1. User experience


The better the user experience, the more positive inputs our publication will receive, not only favouring its recurring consumption but also its recommendation to other people who may also become customers. A content that captivates users and that is considered interesting is paramount, and interactivity is a great resource to achieve it.


  1. Free promo


This is a cyclic process. If users have more and more interest in our publications because of interactivity, they will be more likely to share them on social networks or by any other means. This means free advertising.


  1. Positioning


Google rewards content that generates interest to users. Interactivity can indirectly help you climb the Google ranking while building a relationship of trust with people who consume your publications. And, as it is commonly said: if you are not visible in Google, you do not exist.

Users need compelling reasons to consume one publication instead of another. Among the different resources we can use to earn their interest, interactivity appears as a non-negotiable one. We can easily convince them, we just need to have a tool for interactive designs.


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