Press release January 30, 2018

5 animations to make your digital magazine interactive

The best 5 animations to make your digital magazine interactive at this time

If you have decided to create digital publications in order to adapt your business to the new digital requirements… Congratulations! We are completely sure you won’t regret this new decision.

Now is the moment to work, research tools, designs, downloads and animations for digital magazines. As you may know, in Button Publish Site you can find several free downloads you can use to give your publications a digital touch.

Here we present 5 animations to provide your digital magazine interactive an interesting content format which is attractive to your public.


Scroll animations

When we talk about animations in web design, apps or digital magazines, scrolling ones are a must. When we use these kind of animations (even the simplest ones), interactivity feeling increases.

Scrolling is not just movement of the content displayed on the screen made by users – through a simple movement of fingers in case of touchscreens.

Despite it is a simple animation, users feel a lot of power when they can move and scroll content. This way, scrolling provides a great added value to our digital magazine.

Furthermore, these interactive effects can be improved if we use a well-known effect called “parallax”: a parallel animation that come with us while we scroll through the screen. It can be also used to show a message in a permanent way.



Another available animation to improve interactivity is slideshow. It is a kind of slides or content presentation, either by text or pictures.

With slideshow we can develop a speech while the user goes from a content to another. For example, we can explain heavy going information in an alternative way to make it more manageable.

Additionally, we can also save layout and design space.


Audio in magazines? Yes!

Who would imagine some years ago a magazine with audio? We should take advantage of technology progress to entertain users and make them feel content is not only a matter of sight or touch, but a much more complete experience.

Any case, we should always remember to provide the option to deactivate audio. Our reader can be in a place where sound is not welcome, or he has any headphones close by.



Advances in offline world are continuously reflected in online environment, specially when we talk about digital publications. First, there were black & white pictures; later, color arrived; and now, the picture that goes together with the article comes alive: video, pictures in movement.

The same as audio, video increases greatly interactivity in digital magazines. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures!



At last, but not least, there is an effect we are used to use in our computers: zoom.

With this option, we can see pictures and texts in a better way, so we can detect all those aspects that we could miss in a first view.

If we want this animation to be successful, our pictures should have good resolution. This way, pictures won’t be so pixeled when we zoom them.


Take note of these 5 animations and apply them when creating digital publications to make them come alive.

Remember you can download them for free from our download page.


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