Press release October 12, 2017

How to include digital publications in your trade-fair marketing strategy?

The wide world of marketing includes a huge number of disciplines. Some of them are really old, while other new ones are born thanks to technologic advances, innovation and the need of fitting new consuming habits and customer behaviors.

Digital apps for trade-fair marketing are a good example of that. In this case, we can see a new editorial software that means different digital formats to trade-fairs: a sector with great potential.


Let’s see how we can include this new interactive software in the planning and execution of our trade-fair marketing plan.


What is trade fair marketing?

First of all, we should explain this discipline.

Trade-fair marketing is the group of actions developed by a company to promote itself in events such as fairs and congresses.


We could the best option is performing all these actions during the event, but a trade-fair marketing plan is also about the time before and after the fair. This way, different actions are planned and executed depending on the phase we are facing: before the fair, during the fair and after the fair.

It seems an important planning in the general marketing plan of a company, right? With no doubt, promoting in a fair is a huge opportunity, so we must innovate and surprise participants with our formats. Here is where interactive digital publications can help us. Thanks to them, we can provide information and transmit our identity.


1.Before the fair

Usually, this is the longest phase because we need to precisely define a correct planning.

It is time to design the stand, define the objectives of our participation in the fair, knowing how are we going to attract attendants to our stand, arrange possible meetings, what communication elements are we going to need, and so on.

To communicate our targeted public our presence in the fair, we can create a digital publication and show a short report of the event: typology, place, schedule, speakers and interesting talks, interactive data about past editions… It would be similar to a synopsis or a film trailer, but with an interactive digital publication format with interesting content to make users feel curious about the event. We could also offer an invitation or a discount in this publication.


2.During the fair

Some days before the fair, it is important to check our strategy, confirm meetings, talks in our stand…, to be totally sure of meeting the goals settled in our strategic plan.

In this phase, digital publications for trade-fair marketing are highly visible and offer us a wide range of possibilities to attract attendants and engage them.

  • Services and products catalog is a “must”. With our sales brochure, prospects can learn more about us and understand what are we offering and why are we different from our competitors.


  • We can complement this catalog with a brand presentation to transmit our identity and values. Remember image and text are not the only options; take advantage of the different dimensions a digital publication offers: animations, audiovisual components to strengthen your speech.


  • Offering exclusive content just for attendants is another excellent action to get leads during the fair. For Example, discounts or subscriptions.


3.After the fair

After months of hard planning, effort and nerves during the congress to perform as expected, sometimes this last phase is forgotten. We should analyze results and assess our actions’ success.

In this moment we can design a digital publication with data, videos with testimonials from attendants of our stand or the fair, interviews with collaborators and team members, pictures of the fair… This way, we will be able to understand our actions’ results and improve our performance in future events.

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