Press release September 28, 2017

Blog? digital magazine? The best digital publishing tools

Nowadays, digital publication tools have become essential due the increasing number of digital content users and the importance of manage brand reputation and communication. This way, these tools have a double goal: reaching a growing digital audience through content with both great value and attractiveness.


Are you looking for new digital formats to easily connect with the world? Today we present three tools that may help you to make your costs decrease and reach a wider target. Additionally, we can use them all together at the same time. In fact, they can be combined if we plan a good content strategy with the aim of improving our brand’s position in users’ mind.



It is the best-known and the most used digital publication. We could say that blog is the most traditional channel in this digital environment.

When we are talking about corporative blogs, their raw material to strengthen brand reputation and image is offering relevant, practical and entertaining content.

With no doubt, it is a promotion platform – we advise indirect promotion – with a high traffic percentage.

Nevertheless, unlike other digital publication tools, interaction with content of blogs is smaller and text is the main content. We can use pictures or videos related to the post topic to link to another related post. However, user experience is much greater with other tools such as interactive magazines.


 2.Videos on Social Media

Informative videos have become in the star content on Social Media. They are the perfect solution to text post’s lack of interactivity and dynamism. Additionally, they combine image and text to transmit a message in less time and in a more impressive way. This way, videos allow users to quickly understand the information and the context of a new.

Mass Media and news websites are the main users of these kind of tools, but there are also companies taking advantage of videos to sum up their blog posts in less than a minute.

Another big advantage is the possibility of showing content with our corporative identity – forms, colors, typographies, image management and even displaying our logo in one of the corners.


3.Digital magazines

If we compare evolution in publications’ world with a mountain, digital magazines would be the top of this hill.

They are interactive, exclusive, they surprise with each of their pages and they have a perfect combination of graphics, animations, text, image and design.

While blog and other tools have users in consideration to create content, digital magazines develop exclusive designs totally focused on users. The goal is getting a positive experience and allowing interactive navigation through the content we offer. Therefore, users are no longer spectators who just look for posts or click to watch videos, but they have power to display images, hide them, slide pages and much more interactions.

In addition, digital magazines are the entry to our brand’s universe because we are able to display our graphic identity in videos.


So, if you’d like to get an interactive digital publication with a surprising user experience, remember you can download our Indesign plugin and animations for free.


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