Free Single Multissue Monthly Unlimited
Bütton View Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
InDesign Plugin Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multiple devices Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom App - Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi language App - - Yes Yes Yes
Web browser - -  Yes  Yes Yes
Unlimited  Issues - - -  Yes Yes
Unlimited apps - - - -  Yes
Customized home App - - Yes Yes Yes
Newsstand - - Yes Yes Yes
Analytics - Yes Yes Yes Yes
Host the files yourself - - Yes Yes Yes
Go online  -  400 €/App  200 €/App  1 year Commit  1 Year commit
Price Free 295 €/App 495 €/Issue 395 €/Month Contact Us

Other services

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Go Online


If you need help uploading your app to iTunes, Google Play or the Kindle Store, send us all your information and we will publish it for you.


On Request

We can help you out with the design. With our knowledge and experience, we will find the best way to apply interaction to your magazine. Ask us for a quote for your content transformation, from adding small animations to an existing document, to redesigning your magazine, book or catalog completely, the limit is up to you.


On Request

We make custom plans if you don’t feel like any of the standard ones meet your needs. We can also develop a special app for you or a feature. Call or send us an email and we will be happy to help you.